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We are students building skills through Traditional Songs, Stories, and Language: creating a culturally rich Identity for ourselves as we progress toward our future.


The Rincon Indian Education Center is committed to the Native American students and community in developing them for a more demanding future.

Miiyuyam! Howka Menuwaya! Bienvenidos! Welcome!

The Rincon Indian Education Center has been providing Educational and Cultural experiences and uplifting our community's Indigenous Knowledge since 1974.

Preservation of our Language, Story, Songs, and Games is a responsibility our Storytellers do with honor. Our responsibilities include providing assemblies, workshops, and classes to our local VCPUSD School District, by way of California Indian Day, Cultural Humility, and the VCMS Native & Indigenous Club.

Our team is responsible for organizing bi-monthly Rez Beats Open Mic Nights, Children's Games at Fiesta, and providing opportunities for advocacy and leadership through a social justice and equity lens.

Our Medicinal Plant Project helps support our team's work at healing for our Native and Indigenous Youth and their families. Please click on the Medicinal Plant Project tab for more info!

Meet our Team!

Hunwut Turner

Executive Director

Ami Admire

Program Manager/RYS Director

Esmeralda Salcedo

education coordinator 

Meslissa Elder

Education Coordinator

Priscilla Ortiz

Knowledge Keeper/Youth Leader


Anthony Hurtado

Knowledge Keeper/Youth Leader


Kali Melendez

Knowledge Keeper/Youth Leader


Cassie Whitten

Knowledge Keeper/Youth Leader


Tyra Johnson


Ana Melendez


Andrew Pittman

Honorary Member - Condor Visual Media 


Gathering of Native Americans (Gona) 2022

The GONA will take place June 17-19, 2022 at Los Coyotes Campground. Los Coyotes and RIEC/GONA Planning Committee will host 60 young adults and approximately 35 facilitators and volunteers from San Diego County and Riverside County area reservations and organizations.

The purpose of GONA is to provide space for young adults to address community-identified issues that are potential barriers to their healing process. They will strengthen their sense of self-identity through participation in Indigenous Practices including cultural, spiritual, and physical activities.

To learn more and/or to register please click the link below.

GONA Transparent copy

Artwork by Anthony Hurtado

San Xavier and Rincon

RIEC Partnership with VCPUSD

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Rincon Youth Storytellers

Are you interested in passing down the Songs, Stories, and Games to the next Seven Generations? To be a Storyteller is to be a knowledge keeper for your People.

Learn how to join here!

RYS performing for 
the California Center
For The Arts in Escondido

Rincon Youth Storytellers performing for the California Center For The Arts Museum in Escondido, CA.

Medicinal Plant Project


Our Medicinal Plant Project helps support our teams work at healing for our Native and Indigenous Youth and their families. Please click on the Medicinal Plant Project Tab for more info!

This Plant Project connects our young people to their ancestors. This is important because our Creation Stories tell us that our Plants and Trees are among the first People.

The young people need to know where our gathering areas are and how our Plants continue to work as Medicine today, as they did before.

RIEC Video Highlights

Visit our Youtube channel: Rincon Education to view our previous recorded events, such as Storytelling Class, Rez Beats, and more!