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Gathering of Native Americans

We are Sacred Event

Namókiyam! Rincon Indian Education Center Inc. and their collaborators, welcomes you to a 3-day tent camping event in Los Coyotes (limited to 60 registrations for 18 - 25 year-olds). Tents, sleeping bags, and other essentials will be provided for all participants. This weekend is in honor of your WORTHINESS and SACREDNESS with a focus on Belonging, Mastery, Interdependence, and Generosity: emphasizing decolonization, healthy relationships, ceremony and food systems, and independence from self-medicating. 

You are the change agents, you shape our community, you are the Wisdom Keepers, you are the leaders of today and of tomorrow. The GONA will provide a safe environment that nurtures and validates the healing process and allows essential space for truth-telling and taking up space.  YOU deserve to take up space 🙂

More information will be provided as we get closer to June. Link to tentative GONA Agenda:  https://bit.ly/GONAAgenda2022
Questions or comments? Contact RIEC Staff Ami Admire 760-215-4378, Esmeralda Salcedo 760-215-2347.  amiadmire@gmail.com or rinconeducation@gmail.com!

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To register for the 2022 GONA Event please click the link below. Wa! Thank you!

We look foward to seeing you!

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