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Community Agreements & Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Registration
    • Is registration still open?
      • YES! We are limited to 60 participants so please register 
    • Is this only for Natives?
      • This event is a healing space for our Native and Indigenous brothers and sisters, and as such, non-natives that are interconnected in the healing of our communities are welcome to attend!  
    • Can my partner also come who is non-native? 
      • Yes they can!

  • Logistics for the weekend
      • Are there transportation options?
        • While we haven't had requests for transportation, please reach out if you need assistance with getting to and from the event and we can work with you on an individual basis. 
      • Are we able to drive back and forth or do we have to spend the night?
        • We would prefer that you stay in community with us to maximize the potential for healing and experience as much medicine as possible! But we understand if you have somewhere to be and or people who need your presence.
      • I've never camped before and dont know how, please help!
        • We will be providing all the essential camping supplies, tent, sleeping bags, folding chair, and food. We will have people able to help show you and answer any questions that you may have. 
      • Am I able to bring my drum, beads, or medicine to the gathering?
        • Yes absolutely! We would love to share with other relations when we’re together for the 3 days.
      • Will there be a sweat? And who can participate?
        •  Yes, there will be all are welcome to participate. The only restrictions are women on their moon, since women carry powerful medicine during this time and it is a time of rest. 
      • What should I bring for the sweat
        • Women should bring long skirts and a shirt. 
        • Drums or personal Rattles are welcome in the sweat.
        • Electronics are not allowed inside the sweat.
  • Covid Protocols
      • Do you have to have the Ccovid-19 vaccine to attend?
        • Short answer is no. Since this is an outdoor gathering during the summer where risk is lower, we are not requiring vaccines. The health and safety of our community is as important as providing a healing space for our young people to get support, so we will be requiring a covid test upon arrival. If you test positive you will be asked to return home to care for yourself and to protect those in attendance.  We recommend getting tested on your own prior to camp and take precautions when interacting in-person in the days leading up to the event. Masks and hand sanitizer will be available. 
      • What should I do if I am feeling unwell prior to or during the event. 
        • Since we are all adults, we are requesting that you do what you need to do to take care of yourself. If you have any cold/flu/covid like symptoms, we would respectfully ask that you either stay home (if prior to the event) or if during the event, let staff know so we can assist how we can, and assess whether or not another covid test should be taken.
  • Accommodations
    • Are you equipped to accommodate those with accessibility needs? 
      • Please list on the registration if you have specific accessibility needs and we will work with you to try our best to accommodate those (ie signing, translation services, etc). 
      • We will have safe spaces, counselors and first aid trained personnel available.  
      • As with most reservations, the nearest medical facility is several miles away.  If you have specific medical needs that may come into effect, please keep that in mind as well. Los Coyotes will have their security and EMTs checking on us throughout the weekend.